Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Winding Road

     The stories kept coming. And I kept writing them down. But I didn’t know what to do with them. God sent a much-needed friend to encourage me and walk along side me through my journey.

     With April's encouragement, I queried a few publishers for The Key to My Heart. I even had a couple requests for the full manuscript. But after all the rejection letters, I decided to change my approach. One piece of advice I gleaned from my research on the publishing industry was that you have to be published to get published.
     So I changed my major from elementary education to communication. Through a campus job as a press writer I got my first few bylines. It was a start.
     After graduation, I was hired as a staff writer of a local newspaper. I also worked in the office doing composition, layout and graphic arts. The job helped me hone my writing skill and afforded me bylines in several area papers (as some articles would be shared with papers from around the area).
     Last year (2010), our family relocated from the Twin Cities area of Minnesota to Minot, North Dakota where my husband found a job driving truck on the oil field. I finally had the chance to focus on my creative writing, but I still didn't have the skills to polish my novels to a marketable quality.

     I began praying that God would show me the next step.

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