Tuesday, March 15, 2011

North Dakota Girl

     I'm from North Dakota, where cowboy boots and blue jeans always fit the dress code and size two girls blow away in the first strong gust of wind. The snow, ice and sub-zero wind chills might drive away all but the hearty-most souls, but if you can withstand the weather, Minot does have its charms. The landscape is beautiful. The stereotype of flat land doesn't prove true up here. We have scenic rolling hills, prolific wildlife and fascinating oil rigs. The people are friendly too.
     Okay, enough with the optimism. Honestly, if I can't be close to family, I’d rather live where the temperature can reach 85 in the dead of winter, but this is where I’ve been planted. I can pout and wither, or praise God and bear fruit. I choose to flourish.
     A little about me: Last fall, when my family moved to North Dakota, my wonderfully supportive husband offered me the opportunity to stay home full time. What a blessing it is to have time with my kids and time to devote to my writing every day. Formerly, I spent a few years as a newspaper reporter. My work was published in several Minnesota newspapers. While in college, I also had a few articles published in magazines. Currently I'm working on polishing my novels and pursuing publication. My husband, Dave, and I have been married for almost 12 years. We have three wonderful daughters. I love God and do my best to serve Him with what I have been given. I'm involved several ministries at our church including music, drama, AWANA and women's ministries.    
     Growing up, I was a pastor’s daughter and the oldest of four siblings. I had one of those really great jumped-out-of-a-fifties-TV-show kind of families. My family (Dad, Mom, two brothers and a sister) moved from South Dakota to Minnesota when I was 13. We skipped from town to town in both states several times. I attended 7 schools before I graduated high school. I received an AA in general studies, a BA in Biblical Studies and a BA in Communication from Crown College in St. Bonifacius MN.

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  1. Hey Andrea! I had no idea you went to Crown College...I planned to go there all growing up ('cause I went to a CMA church)...but they didn't have a creative writing program, so I ended up going to Northwestern instead. Great blog beginning!! Looking forward to reading more...