Monday, March 21, 2011

A Mentor and a Map

     Last fall, shortly after my husband began his job in North Dakota, I had the privilege of getting to know award winning, bestselling author Susan May Warren at an Alliance Women’s retreat. What an incredible answer to prayer that divine appointment was!

     Suzie introduced me to My Book Therapy, her story crafting service designed to help writers develop their craft. She teaches a series of retreats that take writers through the novel crafting journey step by step from idea to sale. She pulled some strings to get me into a sold out Story Crafters Retreat (the first in the retreat series) just a few weeks later.

     At story crafters I learned all about structure (definitely my weak point). In February I was able to attend the Deep Thinkers retreat to learn more about word smithing and adding layers to the plotting structure. I learned so much! My writing will be forever chaged! By September when I’ll attend a pitching seminar before the ACFW conference, I should have my current work in progress (WIP) ready to pitch to agents and editors.
     God gave me the passion and the stories, but Susan May Warren taught me how to write. I would recomend My book Therapy to anyone who has any interest in novel length fiction. Suzie’s teaching transformed me from a hobby writer to a marketable author (I hope :). So thank you to Susie, Rachel and all the My Book Therapy voices. When I met all of you, it was like someone was speaking my language for the first time ever. My Book Therapy is the best thing that's has happened to my writing since God first breathed life into my passion!

     Check out My Book Therapy at for a complete list of services including a Book Therapy fiction editing service, retreats, a writers' forum, and many other amazingly helpful resources that will exponentially improve your craft!

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  1. I love this, Andrea. And I'm sooo with you about feeling like someone was "speaking my language" when I first hooked up with MBT. I can't thank God enough for opening that door for me! And you've nailed it when you say Susie helps transform us from hobby writers to marketable authors...