Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Lie vs. Truth

     One of the layering pieces that I have learned to incorporate into my work from My Book Therapy is the lie journey. This is the spiritual journey a character takes through out the book that begins with a lie they believe and ends with the truth setting them free.

     One lie that I find myself believing is that my efforts can't really make an impact. Unless I write some earth shattering epic that will go down in history, that movie studios will spend millions to turn into a blockbuster and professors will refer to in their philosophy classes, then I can't really make a difference. Early on in my writing journey, someone told me that my writing was a self-indulgent, frivolous waste of time. These lies made me ashamed of my craft for many years. I was a closet writer. I seldom let people in on my little secret.

     God has been working in my heart to dispel this myth through His word, encouragers in my life, and a community of writer friends that affirm the pursuit, but today I came across this post on the MBT Ponders blog. It embodies the truth that sets me free from my lie. I love the wonderful picture of Christ and the practical application for us writers who strive to follow His example. Follow this link to discover how Christ used stories to share his message.
The MBT Ponderers: The Ultimate Storyteller

     Today I proudly follow a rich tradition of sharing Christ's message of hope through stories.

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